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Old 14-07-2019, 02:07 AM
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Hi Shannon, I use an eyebrow pencil, it works ok. I tried stencils from Amazon but they were too large, then I tried it by hand and cocked it up, she looked startled. The Great thing about tpe is you can try over and over again. My advice would be to go over the original eyebrows before they fade away. Unfortunately I didn't do that. Still love her to bits though and her head #36 is unique to me.

Faded away.

My first attempt

How she is now
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Old 14-07-2019, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by shannon16 View Post
I nearly said that eyebrows needn't by perfectly symmetrical...
This is true and some great facial expressions can be achieved with using eyebrows.
Without using stencils, I have a problem keeping them the same size, especially the length. And it's all too easy making the lady appear startled by having them set at odd angles. Of course, these tend to be problems when starting from scratch.
Then there is placement; one is too far over and the other is not far enough.
Once I've got a good placement and basic shape using stencils, I shape with baby oil and cotton buds, then finish up with pencils.
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