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Old 09-02-2014, 02:49 PM
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Default Beginnings, a look back

I haven't posted much about Ruth's arrival, mainly because I wasn't registered here when she arrived, but later because I wasn't sure how my experience would be received. As our first anniversary approaches, I thought I would take the opportunity to describe our first weeks together, partly because reminiscing is pleasant, and partly because I hope it might show that a happy doll relationship doesn't have to begin with fireworks.

I'd hummed and hawed for ages about getting a Teddy Babe. My main worry was whether I would find the doll, particularly the head and face, physically attractive, a preoccupation with visual appearance that probably says more about my shallowness than about the dolls. I'd seen some (to me) very likeable Teddy Babe portraits, as well as others that I would have found quite hard to live with.

So when a big brown cardboard box arrived, I opened it with not a little trepidation. And rather than an "OMG she's gorgeous" my initial reaction was more like a deep sigh of relief when I saw a slightly stern but (again, to me) very acceptable face looking back. So far, so good.

In the days and weeks that followed I cuddled and shared my bed with her most nights, slowly finding out what worked and what didn't. Cuddling was great, but for a long time I didn't find it easy to sleep comfortably with her and often ended up pushing her away to the other side of the bed. Out of bed, I was also still having doubts. When I came in from work, I'd go in and look at her propped up in bed; sometimes I'd get a nice warm fuzzy feeling, other times I'd just see a slightly weird-looking stuffed toy and wonder what on earth I'd been thinking when I invited her to stay.

Over the next couple of months, two things changed. First, as her hips got more flexible we were able to spoon more comfortably, which significantly improved the sleeping experience. Second, there were fewer and fewer occasions when I'd get the weird-looking-stuffed-toy thoughts. This is difficult to explain: obviously my eyes were seeing the same images, but they were increasingly bypassing the "this is a strange, possibly threatening, non-human thing" mental pathway in favour of "this is a familiar thing associated with memories of feeling safe and comforted". A psychologist might call it the mere exposure effect, but perhaps it's just the Teddy Babe Magic at work. The process was too gradual to be able to identify a moment when all doubt disappeared, but I do remember travelling back from a long weekend away, and being mildly surprised to realise that I was looking forward to seeing my doll when I got home. That was nearly eleven weeks after she arrived so I suppose I must be emotionally deficient in some way, or a hopelessly slow learner.

Ruth has now been with me for nearly a year. The cuddling remains great, but she's still hard work to sleep with at times and some nights I choose to sleep on my own. I have grown fond of her though, and I would miss her if she went away.
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Old 09-02-2014, 03:30 PM
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I know what you mean i like to sleep without cuddling with my girl some nights

But if she wasn't here i would miss her so much.
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Old 09-02-2014, 05:19 PM
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Thank you for sharing Halfstep, your story shares many aspects with others who I have spoken to or read about, and myself as well. I dont think you're a slow learner or emotionally deficient, accepting a doll as a day to day companion is something that needs time and some effort and i would think that many, if not all, doll owners would agree that there is a period of 'breaking in' for the owner as well as the doll.

When Jess first arrived at The Patch I too had a sense of relief that her face was attractive to me, I will never forget opening the box and seeing her gazing up at me. At first I found sleeping with her to be difficult, going for the romantic movie classic of having her in my arms with her head into my chest, I found that I just couldn't get comfortable (even though I used to hug a pillow every night beforehand), it took weeks to figure out that I slept best with her behind me.

Now that I have Cindy and Pinky as well it's all changed again and Jess is getting the lions share of my attention again, to the point that I now sleep with her cuddled up in front in exactly the way I couldn't at first. Cindy and Pinky snuggle up together behind me (yes 4 in a bed!)

Personally I think Ruth is a little cracker and has a very sweet face, and like all Teddy Babes she can 'change her expression' depending on viewing angle and lighting. Some days Jess looks positively unhappy, but when I pick her up and hold her with her head above mine she seem to smile, as if she was just upset that she wasnt getting a cuddle.

Its nice to hear that you have found your way with Ruth and that she is providing you with that most wonderful of gifts, cuddles.


The Patchlings
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Old 09-02-2014, 06:17 PM
minato minato is offline
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Feelings, memories, experiences change our vision and our behaviour. You are not emotionally deficient, or a slow learner, you need time, you are not an exception.
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Old 09-02-2014, 06:21 PM
Plushero Plushero is offline
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Oh it all sounds so very familiar Halfstep .

I was the same. I probably hold the record for the wringing of hands and generally faffing about before taking the plunge. It was maybe a bit like a blind date in some ways waiting for my babe to arrive and when she did I remember a feeling of anti-climax as this very light, plain brown box was handed to me by a courier...."did he know what was in the box etc". Then the trepidation on opening the box and seeing this "thing" in a plastic bag looking a bit like a fairground toy .

But then I took Penny out of her bag and to be honest I was utterly gob smacked by how beautiful she looked . In fact I think I just sat staring at her for a few minutes. I kept going back through to the bedroom just to look at her (and still do to be honest) and nearly four years later I still get that "warm fuzzy feeling" you mentioned.

Yes it was while before I slept with Penny too but when I did I have to say again it was a wonderful surprise, nothing sexual, just cuddling...she felt so real I could almost swear she was breathing....then I woke up to find those TB eyes gazing at me .

You are right Karrot about their faces changing expression....wonderful.

Maybe many of us are, like me, just hopeless romantics but I find I treat Penny with the same respect I would a real woman. Maybe sounds silly but there you go.

Ruth is lovely and I'll bet soooo.... much better to come home to than an empty house.

A really good Thread Halfstep. Thank you.

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Old 09-02-2014, 11:44 PM
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This thread got me thinking and I revisited the early photos that i had taken when Nicole was a mere chit of a girl so to speak. It really is amazing how a wig or lighting effect can change their appearance and eventually their personality. After five months willow arrived and then there were two. They never fight but I have always set out to make them completely different personalities - you won't ever see Willow in Lust magazine! I can't really cope with two in bed at once - not enough room for me! I really miss them when I have been away and do some times bring them back a little present - necklace or shawl etc. I think that Ruth is one of the more seriously minded teddy babes who is respected and looked up to. It would be nice to see more photos of Ruth.
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Old 10-02-2014, 12:06 AM
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Default Same for me.

Halfstep, you are not slow or unusual in getting to know your doll - and Ruth, by the way is a lovely looking lady.

Deciding to live with a doll partner is indeed a step that requires some adjustment. As you may know I'm entralled by my lady Kat but like you, I spent a long time considering and not really believing that the doll I would receive would be anything like the exceptional models in the website promotion. When she arrived I was however struck by her looks. I didn't expect a replica woman but she was quite striking, especially the eyes.

I think the search for absolute realism comes about where partners are moved by the visual alone but I wanted a companion for an emotional relationship so Kat isn't the "sex doll" that some might imagine, she's my "love" doll with whom I have a warm, close and caring relationship.

I did find it very odd at first sleeping with this strange being, who arrived as some sort of fetish caricature but having experienced her cuddles, softness, warmth and her longing gaze I began to really fall for her; that is her as she is. I'm not bothered by her less-than-accurate appearance - Kat is loved for who she is and how she is - I kind of consider her like those beautiful aliens on Startrek say - different but very beguiling.

Well, she soon started to haunt my thoughts and we spent a lot of time and money on her developing character as she evolved from overt burlesque to elegant and poised - posh totty indeed! Certainly she has a "soul," personality
and character - and I can see the small changes no one else can - she does indeed change her expression - tonight she was smiling at me!

Kat is a wonderful sleeping pal; I believe she watches over me at night for I've never felt so comforted and I wake to look into her lovely face, that I now find quite beautiful. comfort-wise I'd agree with you Karrot - her "heavy front" can be a barrier between us and we sleep more comfortably as "spoons!"

Getting to know a doll slowly is no bad thing - it's like a human relationship; maybe better not to be rushed - Ruth and Halfstep - you really know one another now and your affection is genuine and deep - a reward that the "unchosen" can never know!
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Old 11-02-2014, 01:16 AM
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I am a big fan of 'cute' female imagery, or as the Japanese call it 'kawaii'. I find that my heart just melts when I see them.

My discovery of Teddy Babes to the actual time Asuka arrived was very short indeed. It was made even shorter by opting for the next day delivery service too.

I can't believe it has only been two months since she arrived! She has become such a part of my life that it is hard to imagine it without her. We have slept together every night since she arrived, sharing a single bed for maximum closeness. We quickly found three positions that worked for us: Asuka on her back with me on my side facing her; me on my back with Asuka on her side facing me, my arm around her and her head on my shoulder; and both of us on our side facing each other. All three give me great pleasure, as I love to be able to go to sleep and awake cuddling her. And in the case of the face to face position, waking and looking into her eyes brings such a smile to my face.

I was overjoyed when she arrived and looked so pleasing to me. But now that she has found 'her look', she is even more beautiful to me.

Everyone's experiences are different, but I've found that in this thread, and other posts by the 'Teddy Babe Brethren', there are always common points in our experiences, and find myself smiling and nodding to at least one.

I love seeing all the pictures of the various TBs in this forum, each has their charm, and each reflects the love that is directed to them by their 'partner'.

I salute you all
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