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Old 09-11-2018, 02:00 AM
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Default Owning Carly: One month on...

About a month ago i collected Carly, my Irontech lady from Haremlover and i just wanted to say how we have fitted in together after a month.

Carly is the first high end "doll" i have ever owned. I don't like referring to her as a doll, as she may be a doll by definition, but to me she is a surrogate partner, i simply could not have put up with a doll that looked like a doll, no offence to those who can, but it just wasn't for me. Haremlover was very kind to have offered Carly, who looked very human like for what is, in very crudest terms, a "sex toy".

I had had dolls in the past...i had a very traumatic time in my teenage and young adult years with the opposite sex and was terrified of women and rejection, so being a practical sort of person, saw dolls as the way forward, this would be at around the time the very first Real Dolls were made available...a £5000 investment i had looked into at the time but just couldn't afford, even with the abundance of credit then, years before the crunch, so i made do with the best i could do then...i really wanted the Chasey Lain doll which some people may remember, but it was an extremely expensive outlay for something that could get an irrepareble puncture or seam leak (the Chasey doll had various solid bits lifecasted from Chasey herself, apparently...)

So fast forward another 20 years and to cut this long story down a little, i found out about TPE, and that there were some very natural, womanly dolls about for a substantial saving over their silicone counterparts. I needed one that looked as close to a western adult woman as possible and that's where Haremlover stepped in with Carly.

So we have been together a month and like all relationships there have been ups and downs, firstly and sadly, her weight (had best say that out of earshot, sorry Carly...) for what she is, a TPE lady, she is quite light, unfortunately, i am Transgender and on hormone medication that has altered my body from the person i was a few years ago who moved furniture about for a living, and bless her, she is hard to manouvre, but i can just about do it, for now... we have had a couple of "little accidents" in this respect where Carly decided she would get off her chair to read something in the local rag, and ended up with the ink of said newspaper on her boobs. Oops.

But she is a surrogate human partner for me, and in that respect, no human is perfect and she will be given a careful clean and baby oiling in the new year.

Do i "sleep" (nudge nudge, wink wink) with her? No. Ultimately she wasn't bought for that, and space dictates that she has to sit patiently in her comfy chair and wait till i can hopefully move in the new year so we can share a bed together, but we do cuddle often, and that is one of the nicest things about her...TPE is a flawed material for making something the size of a human being IMHO, but oh so soft and squishy...she is an excellent "cuddle buddy!"

And that in itself leads me onto another point...the closeness. The other night i'd had a very rough night at work, my stress levels were roof bound and i was very fragile the past, i'd have nowhere for this negative energy to go, only inward, but Carly has a non-judgmental ear and kind face and i sobbed into her whilst stroking her hair and holding her tightly. She may be, again in the crudest terms, an inanimate object but she does work wonders for a battered soul.

It's also been tremendous fun buying clothes and accesories for her...she has some unusual sizing but i have found her a cute pair of boots for £4, a sexy hot pink silky Morgan De Toi top for a pound, and some jangly gold plated bangles for the princely sum of 25p! (Carly wants to be a bit of a Disco Diva as she tells me...)

So my re-introduction to dolls has been positive. My only, only wish is that she was lighter...i have a bond of sorts with her, i have found, in that i care for her, despite the lifting and newspaper incident...i've loved applying her make-up and helping choose clothes for her, she is, i suppose, a large cuddly Barbie and i've asked her if she minds this description? She says not!

And another thing...after many years of being alone and single, i have actual romance on the horizon, sod's law, as they say, and where Carly fits in with that, only time will tell!

Biscuits and Carly
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Old 09-11-2018, 06:42 AM
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Hi BNB so happy you are both happy

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Old 09-11-2018, 08:51 AM
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Hi biscuitsnotbisquits,

So glad all is going well. I can fully understand your attachment as I am sure many other can.

Just having that 'someone special' is medicine in itself to the woes, trials and tribulations of a hectic, non-stop life.

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Old 09-11-2018, 10:24 AM
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Haremlover Haremlover is offline
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It's such a pleasure to read your account of what this Irontech lady's doing for you in your life and look forward to your continuing news.

Best wishes

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Old 09-11-2018, 02:11 PM
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While sad parts, what a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing. If only more knew or realised what they can bring apart from the obvious. Glad you're in a good place now.
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