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Old 06-07-2019, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Begog View Post
Of course SHE doesn't get any gratification from her products - to her it's the same as selling you this pillow. It's her CLIENTS that are sick and deranged, and she is doing us all a favor by keeping them pacified instead of raping and such. And then there is the bereaved, old, fat, stupid, ugly, disfigured, and deformed, and for those poor unfortunate souls, she is providing a wonderful and important service.
Lady, please. All men with working penises have a demanding sex drive that can be appeased with these "products." In that sense it is in fact a wonderful and important service. Said "clients" in most cases are normal hard-working people who just need a release from a need they have no control over, provided by nature for millions of years. Can't turn it off. Deal with it.
Unlike wifey or GF, the doll won't say no. That in itself is huge, when it comes to keeping the daily primal need at bay. Being visual creatures, a dildo or pocket pussy ain't gonna do it in most cases for a man. But, a doll that looks like a porn star damn sure will.
Well said and the real truth about a healthy men's sex life.

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