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Jimpink 11-12-2021 08:42 PM

For those wishing to either encourage Mr Adam or simply wanting to interrupt this interview for reasons unknown other than simply a lack of manners may I remind you all that everything is recorded on my "Cassette Corder." Yes Mr Elf Sanctuary, that last one is directed at your very immature joke...

Indeed all is heard and all is recorded.

And for those who still have something to say, well it may be your turn next in the chair.

algaeholics 11-12-2021 08:49 PM


Checking... phew! No need to edit! :o

shamus 11-12-2021 11:39 PM

Adam&Emma 12-12-2021 03:19 PM

The suspense is killing me :eek:

Jimpink 17-12-2021 09:20 PM


Originally Posted by Adam&Emma (Post 244339)
The suspense is killing me :eek:

I'm sorry Mr Adam, that very long silence in the room went on for far too long...let's get back on track shall we?

Your answers to my concerns are not only honest but also informative. Explanations are key to understanding something that we do not comprehend...

Oh this is futile! I can't keep the pretence up regarding why we're here and whether I agree or not, because I don't! You are quite simply and obviously a very kind, open, accepting and valuable member of society, I'm done trying to prove otherwise with this charade of intense interactions and unnecessary scrutiny...

I've turned the Cassette Corder off (but we won't forget about you Mr Elf King...) and we won't be needing anything else on the table either...

Mr Adam of Emma then? So who's this Emma I keep hearing good things about, she seems quite the catch and you must be very happy!
Don't get too distracted by my tights...

Ah I'm only kidding! Not trying to steal anyone from anyone else of course, hehe!

But should the opportunity arises where either yourself, Emma or one of the other lovely ladies I hear you live with become available then I'll be waiting...

Mr Algae, are you still there? Maybe I could escape this place by climbing through the ventilation shaft, a classic secret exit!
Mr Adam, you may leave and go about your business, I've got some cunning thinking to do...

Seth 17-12-2021 09:40 PM

Thoroughly enjoyed this series and Sara's outfit is brilliant, the pink and yellow work so well together.

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