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psion satori 28-12-2020 04:43 PM

Monthly Themed Photo Competition - January 2021
Jan 2021 - Monthly Themed Photo Challenge

Well that's 2020's nearly over, but we aren't out of the woods yet, so it's no wonder people are still feeling gloomy.

Instead of letting things get us down even further, lets all channel whatever angst we have into creating something beautiful.

No props needed for this one guys and gals, just a little creativity and imagination should do the trick

The Femme Fatale - Film Noir Photography

Let’s see if we can capture that dramatic Femme Fatale look from classic Film Noir.
A lot of classic film noirs have dramatic shadows and a stark contrast between light and dark. One way you can get this look is with low-key lighting.
In other words, you’ll probably limit the lighting to one source, which will illuminate the scene or subject while casting everything else into shadow.
This type of lighting heightens the drama and brings an air of mystery to your subjects.

You get the idea - lets stick to black and white for this one and keep the contrast high!

....and here’s a little something to have playing in the background for inspiration

....and a brief useful introduction to Low Key photography:

Hope you all have fun with this one, looking forward to seeing what you talented lot come up with,
and in the meantime, hope you all have a safe, happy and much better year than the last!


algaeholics 28-12-2020 04:50 PM

Oooh, yes! My juices are flowing... :D

psion satori 28-12-2020 04:58 PM

The Rules and Times

1. Themes must be in keeping with UKLDF rules and accepted behavior.

2. Nudity is always permissible, and breasts are always worth showing, although not always required, however, the monthly theme may unfortunately prevent this.

3. Photos must be taken within the month's time frame or earlier if not previously published, and must also adhere to UKLDF rules.

4. One entry per Member, but multiple dolls in the photo are okay.

5. Photo editing is allowed, but Black and White entries only this time.

6. An entry will not be valid after the closing date.
Tommo normally closes the topic after the deadline anyway and open the voting poll thread, so that is not actually going to happen.

7. The monthly winner will choose the next theme.
The winner can either run the topic for the month if they wish, or just pick the next topic and Tommo will organize it for the month, it will continue in February.

8.Please, Please, Please, Include the name of your doll or dolls and remember to put a title on your photo,
they are required for the poll and Tommo doesn't have a clue of his own dolls names never mind yours,
most of the submitted entries will be copied and pasted into the voting poll thread and doing this will help

9. The Person who chooses the theme can submit a photo, but it's not included in the poll at the end. That way we all get to take part, but we don't have the winner "winning" situation.

10. Each month's winner will be selected by poll, the poll will be a multi poll vote.
Only ONE voter per household (No doll accounts)
Each voter has THREE votes and No More.
Do not vote for your own entry. (The vast majority don't).
The votes will be checked and validated at the end of each competition before any announcement of the winner.

This month's competition will run until approx… 8pm Monday 25th January with the next five days open for voting up to 8:00pm Saturday 30th January
The winner will be announced around Sunday 31st January 2021.


PDutus 28-12-2020 05:43 PM

Excellent theme, Psion :tu:tu

After Dark 28-12-2020 07:43 PM

What an excellent choice of theme. Must admit I drew a blank on the kitchen theme and then completely forgot to vote but this one has me focused :tu

Adam&Emma 28-12-2020 08:39 PM

Emma...light me up

(may change this yet..was taken quite quickly and also the first time ive used image hosting.....hmmmm.. maybe)

algaeholics 28-12-2020 08:43 PM

:rolleyes: niiiiiice!

psion satori 29-12-2020 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by Adam&Emma (Post 204926)
Emma...light me up

(may change this yet..was taken quite quickly and also the first time ive used image hosting.....hmmmm.. maybe)

And we're off! And what a start :tu

Bloody hell Adam, that was quick (do all the girls say that? :whistle:) - Sorry, still in iDOME banter mode.

Although I'm more than happy for you to change the image, it does cause a slight problem if you decide to do it after more than a couple of days when you'll not be able to edit/delete your original post.

If you want to do it after that, you'd need to post the new pic into the thread. That wouldn't be a problem if only a couple of people did it but it would get messy if everyone did and it became the norm, not to mention it would cause poor Tommo a nightmare of a job putting the poll together trying to figure out which pics were the right ones.

Best option if you do decide to change it, just drop Tommo a PM and ask him if he wouldn't mind changing the original pic if you are unable to edit it, that way the thread doesn't get clogged up with superseded pics. But frankly I don't see the point, this ones a cracker!


Adam&Emma 29-12-2020 11:53 AM

Cheers psion. I had a long and non productive day trying to work on the van so had a play with the camera just to chill out a bit. The more i look at the pic the more i like it so i reckon its gonna stay. Plus i could stare at that arse all day

Amydoll 29-12-2020 01:05 PM

Bethany - wtf is she doing to that panther!

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