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the living tribunal 16-01-2022 04:33 PM

The Living Tribunal's Recruitment Drive Progress
Due to an increasing number of demons, demigods, and assorted nutjobs attempting to destabilise the Cosmos, it has become necessary for LT to recruit a new member to the Crew. An earthly organisation calling itself Cloud Climax has provided a suitable candidate who is expected to arrive in LTHQ in about three months.

The new girl goes by the code name "WM174G#198" and to mortals appears as a short-haired, green-eyed and medium skin tone version of agent silicon's lady friend. She describes herself as a 'taller and less thicc (but still curvy)' relative of the infamous 'Jasmine' seductress that all the world and their cat, including agent Miles, want to recruit; LT likes this girl, but needed a custom version of her for his own needs that CC were happy to provide (for a reasonable fee of course). She apparently can change her head and masquerade as code name '#419' of Angelkiss, though it is expected that Kim the Kimber may steal that identity and head from time to time as part of her witchcraft studies.

Apparently the ethereal wormhole gate opens up in China and since LT does not abuse his powers to expedite mundane Earthly matters, he will have to wait for her to arrive like, just everyone else.

Progress of this recruitment drive will appear here, but for now, ... we wait!

son of the silent age 16-01-2022 10:52 PM

ill get some popcorn :)

the living tribunal 24-01-2022 10:02 PM

The WM163H in the 'Jasmine' configuration was one of the first dolls I saw when starting out in modern doll hobby and was mesmerised by her; she is really stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, call it what you like :)
I just wished for a taller and not quite as thicc version, but otherwise the same; so the new 174G girl will be an exact duplicate of the stock 'Jasmine' model, except for the body type.

Since she won't be here for a couple of months, I created a mockup of how she will look side by side with the stock 'Jasmine' model based on one of CMiles76's photos of his girl (used with permission). The
vertical proportions are accurate and the rest are estimates.

She should be stunning when she arrives :drool

the living tribunal 11-04-2022 07:07 PM

Don't waste time / Show me your face / 'Cos LT waits / For your soul hair lips hips legs ass etc. :drool

They got a couple of things wrong; both heads should have green eyes, 198 should have a #7 wig and
419's wig should be the #8 198 is wearing in these pics; however, Paul can easily sort these faults from
his stock if there isn't time at the factory.

the living tribunal 11-04-2022 07:08 PM

The rest:

Tommo10 11-04-2022 07:22 PM

She Looks Very Nice. :drool:drool

They have taken a really good selection of photos for you,

Bet you can't wait.;)

the living tribunal 11-04-2022 10:37 PM

Oh yes; I have waiting long enough already :( Paul says she should be with him middle of next week, let's hope so.

shamus 11-04-2022 10:42 PM

Many congrats LT :tu

She looks gorgeous matey. But ah bless. Looks like they've all been playing and now have plasters on their knee's.... TPE girls! :21

right, get that there camera charged and buy sufficient provisions thatyou don't need to leave the house for a week :tu


GazzaGreen 11-04-2022 10:57 PM

Not long now...

the living tribunal 18-04-2022 02:30 PM

Well, it appears that the Keystone Cops have been resurrected as doll industry employees; it seems that due to the Easter break, my girl will be arriving at Paul's warehouse in the middle of next week (2022 April week 4) instead of this week. I didn't even know China celebrated that religious festival big time, if at all. Since the calendar was entirely predictable, this has to go down as another doll industry fuck-up, to add to the inordinate delay and giving my girl the wrong colour eyes in one of her heads :eek: The One Above All knows they've made enough mistakes on her as it is!

The only good thing is that the Force has been with me at the car boots this weekend and I found lots of lovely dresses, accessories and shoes for her, some of which would work with Kim as well; she will look stunning in this stuff!

Oh well, back to the boring world of work tomorrow with another week to wait :wall

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