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Adam&Emma 02-04-2022 12:43 PM

Ashley in the repair shop
Thought I'd make a start on repairing what is now ashleys body and decided to let you see what happens incase you wanna try the same
My list of jobs is..... Both knees, both hips, one ankle, both hands and recently noticed her neck has become loose.
First job today is legs, easy job first, as it would be nice to see her stand. As with jobs like this the thing is clean everything. Hands tools and the area you're working on. I use dove wipes (because they dont fall apart like some do) with baby oil. Then feel for the joint and make an incision with sharp scissors.

I keep the incision as small as possible to make it rasier to seal. Tpe is really stretchy so you dont need a huge hole.
The knee has a m10 nut so a 17mm socket is used to remove it. Typical chinese weld broke clean with just a little bit of effort. The only nyloc nuts i have are to thick so i simply kept the original for now and just tightened it up till the joint felt stiff again

A little bit of baby oil on the socket helps it to slide against the tpe.
Both knees now tight i moved on to the ankle.
Just like the first ankle i repaired the m6 nut wasn't even welded so it comes of easily and the bolt is long enough that i can fit a nyloc nut. This is tightened with a 10mm socket

Ive always been disappointed with the quality of the work on the skeletons but its actually gone in my favour today as ive not had to use the dremel yet.

Next job will be the neck.......

Lulu1971 02-04-2022 12:50 PM

It's really interesting to see how this is all done and what is needed. It's nice to see it's possible for future when mine's bodies need some attention. Looking forward to seeing Ashley on her feet :tu

Gavla82 02-04-2022 12:55 PM

Yay. Good to see work is in progress. Looking forward to seeing the progress. :tu

Adam&Emma 02-04-2022 01:23 PM

The neck was a fairly quick and easy job like the knees. I put my m16 eyelet bolt in the joint to help hold it in place while i tightened it.

Had a good poke around the find the bolts. Knew roughly where they were after looking at skeleton pics online. You can feel the difference in the nut and the bolt head. The nut side feels lumpy and thats the side i cut open. Again i found the bolt and simply broke the weld and tightened it with a 17mm spanner.

Ashley paitiently looked on from across the room

That was the forward moving joint tight. Moved on to the sideways bolt. Unfortunately the nut is at the front of the neck so she will have a scar at the front. I'll try and hotspoon it smooth when i finish everything else. Made the cut and used a 17mm socket. Was really hard to get a photo, needed 3 hands lol

I will seal all the wounds at the same time when im finished as moving the body around could open each wound before it seals
Now ive got to decide if i do the hips or hands next. Not looking forward to either if im honest.

Gavla82 02-04-2022 01:27 PM

Fantastic mate! Top man. Yeah I can imagine the hips will be more awkward then anything. As for the fingers, you rescued Lil Lucy's, so have faith you will be able to do the same for Ashley. :tu

Lulu1971 02-04-2022 01:36 PM

Well done, glad the first parts weren't too much bother. Fingers crossed the rest will go smoothly, even though they're harder jobs to do :tu

DeleteK?arlos 02-04-2022 01:45 PM


Originally Posted by Adam&Emma (Post 256187)
My list of jobs is..... Both knees, both hips, one ankle, both hands and recently noticed her neck has become loose.

Ho-ly heck. Hard to believe the body's only 2 years old!
So far, so good mate. Yer on a roll! :cool:

Adam&Emma 02-04-2022 02:03 PM

Well i can honestly say this was one of the most surreal moments ive had.. Did stop for a moment to ask myself how the hell did you ever get to this lol. The nut holding the hip joint is on the inner side of the joint which i was pleased about as i didnt want to go through so much tpe on the outside of the hip.
So there i am with my hand up a dolls ass feeling for the nut. Make a cut inside her anus and found the 19mm nut. Was a bit tougher to break the weld but i managed and simply tightened the nut till the leg could hold a pose. I probably wont bother sealing this cut as you cant see it unless you stick your head up her ass.
Now this is purely to show you where to find the nut. Im pretending this is not really ashley and we shall never speak of this again

Adam&Emma 02-04-2022 02:03 PM

And its now occurred to me i have to go through that ordeal again for the other side.. I swear im gonna have nightmares about this

Adam&Emma 02-04-2022 02:05 PM

Actually thats gotta be the best advert for snap on tools ever :21

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