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Squeek! Squeek! Squeeeek! Squik!
Come on LT, help me open this door, something terrible's happening!

What the Devil?!

Hey, you leave him alone, put him down!
Caz, what the Hell are you doing with Ratty?

I haven't eaten for a long time, LT. A very long time. I was hungry.
Poor Ratty, what has she done to you?

Well if you want to blend in amongst mortals, drinking anti-freeze isn't gonna help!
By the power of The One Above All, HEAL RAT!!

So what can I do to appear more ... 'human'?
Believe me, I have a few ideas!

Let me check your 'qualifications' for the part.

I'm beginning to remember now!

Looking promising.

Oh yes, more than adequate!

Oh look, my slip has slipped off!
I'm surprised you can see it at that angle!

You surely are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!
I'm pleased that you think so, LT ...
... because food isn't the only thing I've not had for a long time!

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(Kim is back for now but will get a new body as soon as cirstumstances permit).

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