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Originally Posted by Amydoll View Post
Does anyone know if you can order any number head with the eyes shut. The closest looking to amy I could find was #59 but that's now missing from the ssw website.
As noted by Tommo Andy can get all heads, when you speak with him he will simply tell you to choose a head from the site then in the notes on the order put the head that you want. I've done that with him with several heads.

head #59 is a sleeping version of head #36. As noted by Tommo you will find her in the Jinsan thread (post #89 page 9). I believe that she would work perhaps to a little lesser extent with some other heads such as #31, #33 and #98 (a lot depends upon skin colour).

Another option for creating a sleeping doll is to use Algieholics eyelids option. Se here :


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