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Originally Posted by shybob View Post
This shoot is Fantastic.
You are Fantastic.

Just Fantastic.
Thanks shybob glad you enjoyed the pic's..

Originally Posted by Wulfie View Post
Your best work to date with some excellent pics

I do like

And i thought you would have went for the boobie water pic's , Thanks wufie and take care buddy...

Originally Posted by revoL annaerB View Post
I absolutely love this set, she looks so natural out and about in nature, and if those two female kayakists saw anything it'll give them a story to tell people

Well done on a cracking shoot
Guess what, we seen a guy taking naked picture's of his girlfriend
He was an old fat dude and she was a young hot looking chick.....

Oh that made me

Cheers Revol

Originally Posted by shamus View Post
Way to go out with a bang matey.

As you say, we'll keep the sadness of that news in the first post for another thread and keep this one for celebrating a fantastic shoot.... Hope that you warned her that there might be mermaids out in those waters.

Really looks as though you both had a fantastic day out,

My favourite pick isn't the most obvious one to go for but this one

Where she looks as if she is just discovering the first man that she has ever seen.

The naked set should be called the garden of Eden set as... Jeez, she's perfect matey.

All the best,

Shamus :
Thanks shamus, not sure about mermaids, but i will let you into a little secret, the Loch Ness Monster is not in Loch ness, we just tell everyone that so they go there, the monster is realy in Loch Lomand, at least that is true when my wife joins me when we go kayaking up there and i accidently push her in ...

Thanks buddy

Originally Posted by algaeholics View Post
Just delightful sir!

Ooooh, the anticipation!

Yes i like that one to

Thanks Mr A
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