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Originally Posted by dollman2 View Post
Thanks Dollman! She turned out well in the end...hehe!

Originally Posted by Tommo10 View Post
I like her

A Lot
I thought this would go down well with you Tommo!

Originally Posted by shamus View Post
Very nice matey... But you should know from someone very experienced at this. When they say that they are going to share they are lying. Once a girl has a body she ain't giving it up for anyone... They also stand watch over each other as well so you can't quickly swap it over whilst they're asleep.

Welcome to the forum Heather

Thanks for the incite Shamus, and yep I'd have to agree, Amy might be in that box for a while now! To be fair it's a nice shiny box very comfortably packaged on the inside and a well robust outer shell, no windows though which is unfortunate.

Plus Tommo I think is already infatuated with Heather so we might have to attempt to satisfy his needs...constantly.
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