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Originally Posted by poppy70 View Post
Really a great shoot Sam with this lovely model. She's more than real and I think those women in the kayaks might not even have recognized her as a doll.

Hi Poppy from where they were it would have looked like a real girl, and then probably thought, "she is a lucky girl just look at her hunky boyfriend taking pictures of her"

Cheers poppy.

Originally Posted by Liz_xxx View Post
I hated this set and am very glad you are hanging up your boots.

Does reverse psychology work on the Scots ?
Hmm you lost me at reverse and for thoses big words I mean why is there a p there when you don't sound it, what's the point.. Duh!

Originally Posted by Liz_xxx View Post
So you won't be needing Yvonne any more then ? After all she's hideous and I definitely wouldn't want her to come live at my place

Oh that's a shame, though i am sure someone will adopt her....

Now who is using thoses big words........

Cheers Liz

Originally Posted by carlys_guy View Post
maybe you need to start photographing the smartie more she's a lot lighter and easier to travel with.

The thought did cross my mind when i started thinking that is was about time i looked at something else to do with me time, but i argue with myself, you either stop with dolls or you don't so i decided to part with them all, then the next day when i walk into the room where they are and look at their faces i think maybe wi will keep the smartdolls i am like a dog chasing its tail....

You post actualy reminded me of a shoot i did a few months back but never got round to posting, so i have dug out out of my old computer (i have a new pc now) and will post later...

Thanks Carlys guy
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