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Originally Posted by svevo View Post
Unbelievably great outdoor shoot Samurai.
I'm not aware of anyone else who even attempts this kind of stuff, let alone who can pull if off with such aplomb. I mean a doll snorkelling outdoors, really?

Amazing pictures every one. One hell of a last outdoor shoot. Not sure we'll ever see the like again. (⌣̩̩́_⌣̩̩̀)
Thnaks svevo, i get idea's in my head and i think "I wounder if i can pull this off, There is only one way to find out" So i go for it and sometimes it works and sometimes is dosen't.

The one's i post are the one's that i think are ok to post, however there have been loads of time's i have gone out and it has been a complete disaster and those photos (if any taken) never make the forum..

I am sure someone will take up the baton and run with it, in time (Phil )

Cheers buddy oh and the word for today is > aplomb (i had to look it up)

Originally Posted by rentell View Post

Its all been said ...what can I add other than to say "perfection"

thank you for all the years of your amazing adventurous outdoor shoots, so sorry to hear this will be the last...(we will see :-) )

Thanks Rentell, i think the photo's i take these day are a little better than when i started out 10/11 years ago, just a little but yeah, it will most definitely be my last with full size dolls anyway (unless i keep Monique)

It's not easy, "Too many minds"

Need to focus Samurai-san.....

Originally Posted by Tsall View Post
Great pics, Sam. Like many other I like her standing in the water. The others are nice too, of course.
My respect for the effort to paddle several miles to get these pictures.

Thank you Tsall, If it were not for dolls i would not have taken up Kayaking or paddle boards and would not have gone to most of the places that i took these dolls over the years, Dolls have shaped my life over the last 10 years or so, even taking Natsumi to Spain on holiday a couple of years back i have seen and done a lot of things that i would never have done if not for dolls, even meeting new people such as your self at the doll meets

Its been fun (mostly)

Thanks guy's

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