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Originally Posted by Tighes1 View Post
What a shame Samurai.

Iíve really enjoyed all you photos that youíve posted up. Please donít stop shooting, you have inspired so many people on here and it will be sad not to see your photos.

Please reconsider mate!!!


Thanks Tighes, but at the moment i really need to call it a day and let the dolls i have be adopted so they can continue bringing joy to their new owners, no point them hanging around here.

Right now as things stand i really can't see dolls in my future, that's not to say there are not there but who knows but if i do return i don't think it will be with the big heavy girls, i might keep my smartdolls, not decided yet..

Thanks buddy.

Originally Posted by dollman2 View Post
Nooooooooooo who will be Captain Primark now

hope all is well Bud

Well i have put a word in for you dollman, the job is yours if you want it..

Cheers my friend..

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