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Paul is going to have the missing bodystocking and Jinsan wig 7 shipped to a UPS access point near me. The wrong wig is Jinsan's screw up and Paul is sadly out of stock of it at his end, same for the bodystocking.

For 1400+ you'd think Jinsan could at least get the wig right; the #8 wig Caz is wearing right now is meant for the Angel Kiss head (#419). Having actually interacted with a #198 head now, it is clearly build for emotional intensity and that goes better with short hair; wig 7 perfectly frames that face. That intensity can make the face look almost masculine from some angles, which is why the wig design makes such a difference.

On a similar note, when she arrived, one of the eyes was partly closed or at least looked like it due to the positioning of the eyeball. Repositioning it so both eyes are centred in their sockets makes her look like a champion winner in a staring contest, she's almost scary like that

As for the clothes, all my dolls so far from the vinyl inflatable in the 90s through Kim to Caz (shopping before she arrived) have had a great and cheap supplier that I use again and again, with branches all over the country: car boot sales. Seriously, some of the stuff I got for her recently is really classy stuff and looks awesome, but cost on average 3 each. Great value for money
Caz (#198) / Azrael (#419) on WM174G: Kim Kimber (158DD):
(Kim is back for now but will get a new body as soon as cirstumstances permit).
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