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Right so the reason I mentioned i'm not interested in the face it's because from my understanding m16 are interchangeablem, even though there will still be an issue with color differences.

So the issue with the DS was that the entry holes didn't seem as accuratly where they should have been, and the body was a little too stiff for my liking. The feel was okayish but certains areas didn't really feel right, like the bum, and i didn't want to overdo it with the range of motion.

I see someone mentioned a 6YE for anatomical correctness, how far off is an irontech doll? I was initially going after a WM, then thought the 6YE is probably what i'll go for until I found irontech. It's a pretty hard decision to make just based on looking at the pics.

Actually now that i have taken a look at the SM155D, my next question would be, does WM, 6YE or Irontech manufacture with the option of an evo skeleton that can rotate like the SM?

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