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Been watching this thread with interest. I bet your terminology and reasons for wanting a doll has ruffled a few feathers here. Here, dolls are goddesses, more human than... human.

Anyway, let me tell you some things you need to know. These kinds of dolls are built to be stiff. Their limbs can be moved into human positions so you can pose them into any position you like, either sexual or photographic. Some take more effort than others but they all the same principle.

Once you have a beautiful lady that you can jump anytime you like, yea you'll not be able to leave her alone at first, but then with all the undressing, and washing and maintenance and drying it slows down to be more of a routine event. The contest of getting her in the mood just isn't there, she'll just open her legs for you at will. Sounds great and it is, but it will slow you down in time.

Hygiene is desperately important. Unlike a woman she wont go and clean herself after you have your dirty way with her lol. You have to clean her, and clean her properly. If you don't the most damaging thing will befall your expensive girl, something we all fear with a passion - MOLD! This, once established is difficult or even impossible to get rid of. If you were to "dip" into mold you could end up with an infection. Some infections can be cured by extensive cleaning with soap for a few days (I've had that from a human lady once), or you could get an infection so bad it's a hospital stay and a prayer you don't loose any parts, or your life. So yes, cleaning and drying is very very important.

At the end of the day you'll probable end up like the rest of us, your sex toy will work her way into your life and start dominating in one way or another.

And they wrap you round their little finger and you end up spending a fortune on clothes and what have you. Its diabolical!!!!!
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