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Old 14-01-2022, 09:59 PM
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Default WARNING: RLSD claim WM stopping free upgrades from Sunday

Please see this TDF thread; posted by RLSD, an American vendor, on TDF:
WM Doll has just announced for all vendors that as of January 16th, they will permanently, no longer be offering the FREE 2nd head or ANY of the other free upgrades currently offered.

SO heads up peeps! If you are currently looking to buy a doll, and you want to cash in on all the current freebies and upgrades NOW is the time! You've got just 3 days til they are gone for good!

So while few of us in the UK will be buying from them, it's worth checking out our UK vendors if we are near to ordering a WM doll at the moment.

What bad luck
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Old 14-01-2022, 10:54 PM
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Last push before CNY. seen it all before , then you will pay full price until they need next promo in spring, although, the best deals always come in the autumn, and they stay until they get their quota.

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