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Old 16-01-2022, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Vor Casswell View Post
I had been looking at the CST doll on the Neodoll UK web site, they have quite a few models to choose from there. That Margot head would be delightful on the CST doll, I have taken a big liking to that head now! I will have to take into consideration the risks with a CST doll if there may be issues with frame breakage and vaginal split.
Oh yes - that's the UK source. I have not tried my lady in bed so don't know the risks of vaginal splitting. Sometimes reports of this can result of careless usage and sometimes a problem with material.

Originally Posted by Vor Casswell View Post
Starpery 159C 28.4kg (1895), 165E 44kg (1895), 171C 38kg (1895)
Zelex 155C 33.5kg (1550), 165E 36kg (1595), 170C 44kg (1800)
CST 155D 25kg, 160D 29kg (1796), 165D 32kg (1796)
DS 160+ 29kg, 167EVO 32kg (3495)
Sanhui 160D/E 30kg (1900), 165D/E 31kg (1900), 168D/E 33kg (2000)
Sino Doll 159E 34kg (3150), 162E 37kg (2100), 163E 34kg (3150)
Siliko 158C/D 37kg (1949), 160J? 40kg (2049)
DS167 EVO not good for sex.
Have not tried Zelex in bed yet. Don't know about Starpery silicone.
CST not tried in bed yet.
DS160 excellent and 158 and + also.
Sanhui excellent
Sino now excellent
Siliko - if the same as SM silicone, vagina easily damaged.
JM also worth looking at and Elsa Babe too.

Best wishes

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Old 18-01-2022, 04:58 PM
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Thumbs up Silicon dolls robustness

Thanks Haremlover for the extra info based on personal experience. The Elsa Babe dolls I saw looked quite anime, so I will probably continue to focus on the CST, Zelex and Sanhui models and watch for further reviews of these.

(PS Just trying an attachment, my SeeDree Grainne doll - Amy)
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cst silicon lightweight

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