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Old 03-05-2020, 03:01 AM
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I use the doll house they are only 10 pound each and last a couple months in bed before they get too tangled. I've tried wigs from Ebay but they were slightly too big
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Old 03-05-2020, 05:09 AM
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to the UK Lovedoll Forum Tursiops ...
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Old 03-05-2020, 12:00 PM
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Welcome to the Forum Tursiops. I find with wigs that the one supplied with the doll never meets what is required. WiWigs, Annabelles wigs or Fever wigs offer a good range within the 15 -25 range. Fun and outrageous coloured wigs can be obtained from Smiffys. They are cheaper but may be suitable for a photoshoot. I have see wigs cheaply priced in charity shops. Sometimes you can be lucky with a cheap wig - there is this on of Nicole's which did not cost much but I can't recall where it came from.

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Old 03-05-2020, 01:32 PM
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Thanks Dongo, Fever have some nice pieces
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Old 03-05-2020, 01:59 PM
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Right, knew i'd already done pics n stuff for this.


"Getting a wig to stay put and sit right - 101"

For the most part the adjuster elastics in the wig will do all you need, just get them tight enough to fold it on her sweed. A nylon wig cap will help.

If your girl has a smaller bonce, or you are like me and do silly things like ponytails and bunches, you need to get creative.

An elasticated band that grips her turnip tightly is an excellent foundation for this. Just get some flat elastic from Ebay, inch wide and make a band, or cut a piece that can be pinned into the wig

Full Band

Pin the band in to the wig at the front, by the ears, and at the back

The band will be tight to her head and will hold the wig in place.

If you want to just use a length of elastic instead of a band, just pin it at either ear and at the back, that way the front 1/2 of the wig will act as the rest of the band and will be tight to her head.

Anchoring the wig in this way allows for the hair to be pulled in to various styles without the wig coming away from the head.

Finally, Positioning the hairline. Use this as a base line, then adjust to suit, as some wigs have deeper or shallower fringes.

The pic shows that the hairline is the same distance above the eyebrows as the base of the nose is below, so.....

Put your thumb under her snozzle and you index finger between her eyebrows
Keep that measure and move your hand up so that your thumb is now between her eyebrows and where you finger touches her forehead is approx where her hairline should be.



Click the pics for their threads...
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Old 03-05-2020, 08:27 PM
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Smile Thanks again!

Some additional very useful advice which is much appreciated. It really is amazing how much difference the hair makes. I’d not really thought about it before beginning my doll research but it’s really got me thinking about how important the hair is to the look that appeals to me. My wife is a still pretty blonde at 60 and the love is very much still there but we have agreed that for certain needs a doll is now a great solution. I was very tempted by the WM166C and was torn between the soldier/hunter with the blonde plait and the boxercise girl with the long black hair. How different head 273 can look! I also liked the platinum blonde girl with the fur hat with head 266. And also the redhead on WM157B. But price and positive reviews turned me to Kimberdoll which is a big saving and those blue eyes really require a blonde I think. So the look will probably be somewhere between Penny/Kaley Cuoco and Rose Tyler/Billie Piper. Lagertha/Kathryn Winnick or Daenerys Targaryen/Emilia Clarke are way beyond my hairdressing or costuming skills! Interesting actually that none of these have blue eyes but that’s another topic! Thanks again everyone.

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Old 04-05-2020, 01:22 PM
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Hi Hope everyone is well.

Welcome to UKLDF Tursiops

Just bought a couple of Forever Young wigs off Amazon for c. 20.00 Both fairly short, one black, one blonde.

Will post photos of them being modelled in due course
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kimberdoll, wig, wigs, wmdoll

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