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Old 13-11-2023, 09:03 AM
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Default Coeros Love Doll Storage Bag

Protect your doll from dust, dirt, water, and more with the Coeros Love Doll Storage Bag. Not only does it keep your doll clean, but it also extends its overall lifespan.
The Coeros Love Doll Storage Bag offers optimal protection against moisture and dust, ensuring your dolls remain clean and dry.
Coeros Love Doll Storage Bag:

Crafted from a 10-ounce polyester-cotton canvas material, this bag ensures no stains on your doll.
Available in a variety of sizes, it caters to dolls of different heights.
The bagís robust design prevents potential damage or scratches from sharp objects.
Using the bag is a breeze. Place your doll feet first into the bag through the drawstring opening, then simply pull the drawstrings to seal the bag securely over the dollís head.

Our website:

You can find related products on our website, and related tutorials can be found in YouTube, Twitter and Reddit.
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