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Old 18-05-2022, 02:49 PM
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Default Teach me Ms Shiori! - Irontech 166 minus S20

"A live-in Japanese teacher?"

I'd never heard of anything like it, but after wanting to master the language for years, and failing miserably, I thought I'd give it a go.

Little did I know then how strange my life would become...

Teach me Ms Shiori - Chapter 1 -

"Learning about the human body..."

Her name is Shiori and she's a travelling student studying English at a local University. In exchange for free room and board, she'll be giving me daily one hour Japanese lessons, and she has also promised to teach me about other things too. I don't really know if that's a good deal, but she was so adorable that I couldn't pass up the chance to have her stay with me!

I met her at the station, and it was a short walk to get home. Luckily it was a nice day, so Shiori said we should have a lesson straight away outside.

I think she likes the summer house. She's definitely really beautiful too! I hope I can concentrate on the lessons!

There she is now!

"Shiori-san, are you ready yet?"

"Yes, but we need to discuss the rules of the lesson first..."

"I believe in practical application of language to help you learn, so I'll be asking you to do things a lot of the time..."

"And if you do really well, you can have a cake!"

"... but only after you've finished your main meal..."

(Damn, that's pretty strict...)

"And if you do badly....

I'll eat the cake... while you watch..."

(Hey, that's pretty funny... maybe she has a good sense of humour...or maybe she really will eat all the cakes without me....)

"Now, for today's lesson I want to see what you've learned so far - we'll start with something simple..."

"The human body..."

Oh great!

(Uh oh, I haven't even started on the material she emailed me!!!)

これは何ですか? - Kore wa nan desu ka? (what is this?)

目 - me (eye, pronounced meh)

鼻 - hana (nose)

口 - kuchi (mouth)

そして、これ。。。- soshite, kore? (and this?)

髪の毛 - Kami no ke (hair)

"Very good Will-kun, I can see you've been studying!"

"now for something a bit more difficult...

how about this...?

(shiori taps her chest lightly)


おっぱい - Oppai??? (Boobies???)

だめですよウイルくん。もっと勉強した方いいだよ。- Dame desu yo Uiru-kun. Motto benkyo shita houga ii da yo

(that's no good Will-kun, you really should study more!)

胸... - mune... (chest!)

(Uh oh, she looks annoyed...)

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