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Old 15-03-2022, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by For real View Post
Apparently this his highly contagious and Andeea has got it now.

Yep, had that issue here as well.... If one thinks that another is onto something then they will join in to get their fair share of the pampering.

Apparantly, according to my Elves, the only cure for Elf Flu is animated Movies... But the good quality Pixar type one's. Not the made for TV rubbish. Biccies, crisps, chocolates and the duvet.

It also lasts far longer than human Flu.

The main cure that I have found is an icecream van going past dinging their bell as that gets them straight off the settee and with their noses pressed against the window whilst they excitedly list off their toppings requirements.

The short ears here call it the Mr Whippy miracle cure.
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