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Old 28-12-2020, 05:10 PM
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Default Lynne Does Some Decorating

Long term readers here may know that Lynne can be very handy to have around. She's tried her hand at Woodwork:

And is more than happy to get dirty In The Garden:

I totally forgotten that I hadn't posted our last little photoshoot on here, so apologies! Anyway, last month, I took advantage of a slightly quieter period working from home, and decided we should redecorate the living room. I had gone out and bought the paper and paste the weekend before, but had been called into the office for a meeting. When I returned, I could hear music playing, and Lynne cursing away. So of course, I went to take a look...

"Are you ok, babe... what are you up to?"
"I thought I'd make a start for you, I got bored while you were out!"

"Well, you've made a good start... why are you cursing?"
"I managed to get the bottom half of the paper off, but I just can't reach the rest... I'm only little!"

I went and fetched her some steps while she went off and brewed more coffee. I didn't even ask how she had managed to get the heavy speaker and shelf off the wall... let alone how she managed to shift the HiFi cabinet all on her own. Sometimes I just accept that her superpowers have limitations!
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Old 28-12-2020, 05:11 PM
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Once Lynne had taken off all the wallpaper on the first section of the room, it was time to start putting new wallpaper on. We had to do the room in sections, as we had to complete one half before moving the furniture around to do the rest - and maintain a vaguely functioning home office at the same time!

I had already been out to get the wallpaper. Luckily Lynne is pretty clever, and a few days previously she called me down to the library where she had been doing some research:

"Looks like you've been doing some calculations... what is it, more rocket science?"
"No, something a little more simple. I've been around the living room with the tape measure, and I've worked out how many rolls of paper you'll need to go and buy. I wouldn't want you buying too much... or too little!"
"Very well, thank you for working that out for me. By the way, do you need me to switch the heating on down here?"
"No, I'm quite fine. Why did you say that?"
"Oh, nothing. I was just noticing a couple of little things that pointed me to that conclusion..."

She was actually quite right with her research. In the end we used about 5 rolls, plus a few lengths of the sixth!

On to the practicalities - Lynne decided that it'd be a good idea to mark a vertical line where the first sheet was going to be placed. She chose this spot to make it easier to cut pieces for around the door and around to the window frame. The trusty plumb bob was employed for this task:

I did mention that I had brought the step ladder in from the garage, as it'd be a little safer to stand on, but I got some gruff reply, followed by a demand to bring her more coffee!

Lynne was actually making good progress with the wallpaper, and as I had other work to get on with, I left her to it. I kept hearing her giggle about what the wallpaper paste looked like (she's got a filthy mind for someone so sweet looking!), and she had her own choice of music playing as she worked. So all was well until suddenly I hear her shouting...

"Hjlp!!! Muninn... g er fastur!!!"

I rushed round to see what all the commotion was about, and indeed - she was a bit stuck!

She had managed to pull the sofa around to do the last pieces, but unfortunately she hadn't got a very good footing, and was starting to slide. Things were going to get messy, so I grabbed hold of her and made sure she was safe.

Once she had settled down with another mug of coffee in hand, I silently got up, went into the hallway, grabbed the step ladder and placed it softly in front of her, giving her a wink as I went back to my computer...

Lynne does some painting next - to be continued...
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Old 28-12-2020, 05:29 PM
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Cracking work Lynne!

Decorating is about the only physical activity my ex-wife allowed in the bedroom...

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Old 28-12-2020, 05:38 PM
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Excellent work, Lynne. I now know who to ask when I need any decorating done at my place

Great photos, Muninn
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Old 28-12-2020, 06:06 PM
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loverly and talented
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Old 28-12-2020, 07:04 PM
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nice work carly approves of this thread.

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Old 28-12-2020, 07:40 PM
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Very professional Lynne... I subcontract out all my wallpapering work because I hate it so much so if you're looking for some extra work...?
<img src= border=0 alt= />
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Old 28-12-2020, 08:46 PM
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Wonderful work Lynne!

I have a sense there will be some work needed here when the decorations come down. Alyssa would appreciate some advice as she's not done this sort of thing before!


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Old 28-12-2020, 09:47 PM
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Seems like Lynne may be in great demand for her services, maybe I need to get her set up in business... and you'll love how she does the painting!
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Old 28-12-2020, 10:04 PM
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Oooh, she is handy, will she be wallpapering the library walls next
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