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Old 28-02-2024, 06:02 PM
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Default CLM "Pro" 874 torso opinions please?

Re-posting this here as I possibly mistakenly put it on the "dolls in general" page...

Hi All, Being a bit of a torso enthusiast I find myself drawn to this one

What does everyone think please? Although not obvious on the photos she has a head connector and I can choose any CLM head - I was thinking of the Mouna head. I would order through Cloud Climax.

I understand the same body (partially) is the same shape - or maybe moulded from the "Ultra" range. I know nothing about either but have had a couple from the CLM "classic" range and they were fine, quite basic but budget friendly priced..

I know nothing of the "Pro" or "Ultra" ranges,, Thanks in advance
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