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Old 24-04-2024, 05:30 AM
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Default Honey I'm home!

I walk in on Desiree and find her literally messing up the bed:

Me: "What the fuck is going on!" I ask shockingly.
Desiree: What?, Wait, you said you weren't coming over tonight."

Me: "And look at you, you're filthy! And what's that smell?" I was really upset my day had not gone well.

Desiree: "Yeah, well I was working cleaning up and even did some gardening. I was going to take a shower but..." She smirked at me.

Desiree: "Wait, is that a bulge in your pants?" She asks jokingly.

Me: "I'm not in the mood right now." I sighed.

Desiree: "Bullshit that is a full-fledged boner!" She laughed.

I just couldn't believe that she thinks I'm some kind of sex machine or something, so I just walked out.

Desiree: "Wait, don't leave, come on, it'll only take me a few minutes to shower!"

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